A Message from the Executive Producer

This is Mark Miller, Executive Producer. 4 years ago I took over the creation and curation of the OWASP podcast series. In that time, there have been 118 episodes, with a combined listenership of over 269,000 plays. The series began as a way to speak with OWASP project leads and chapters leaders to let the community hear what was being worked on. Gradually, the show has morphed into something broader. Recent broadcasts highlighting the work done in the DevOps and DevSecOps Communities receives well over 2000 listeners per episode. We have helped give exposure to DevSecOps practitioners at major AppSec Conferences in Europe and the United States, I have produced the DevSecOps tracks at RSA Conference in San Francisco and Singapore for the past 3 years, and we've given voice to the security practitioner in lue of the security vendor through the production of All Day DevOps. This has allowed us to reach out to new communities, a new listership, interested in hearing how software security is changing from a manual, labor intensive process, to an automated, supply chain solution. Cultural transformation, Continuous Delivery/Continuous integration, Cloud Native Infrastructure, and Site Reliability Engineer are all topics needing coverage if we are to truly build secure software. The future of this podcast series is in focusing on DevSecOps and the practitioners who are willing to share their stories and solutions to the OWASP Community. I'll talk with people like DJ Schleen who runs the DevSecOps initiative at Aetna, John Willis who brought the first DevOps Days to the United States, and Shannon Lietz who has introduced the concept of Red Teams to her colleagues at Intuit. We will continue to highlight OWASP projects and chapters, while having discussions that are inclusive of other communities with different ideas on the future of software security. It's an important transition historically to a safer, more secure world and we want everyone be be a part of it. I hope you stay with us as we begin to explore new voices, expand on existing ideas and highlight the diversity that will truly change our industry. Welcome to the new podcast series, DevSecOps Days.

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