AppSec USA 2013 – Abbas Naderi and the OWASP PHP Security Project

"There are a lot of security flaws in websites like Facebook and WordPress applications. Most of those flaws are because the developers first create the application and then consider the security." -- Abbas Naderi PHP is one of the most used programming languages for the web. The problem with PHP has always been that it's easy to get started programming with PHP, but that's also one of its biggest flaws when considering application security. Abbas Naderi leads the OWASP PHP Security Project, which is a sample framework to demonstrate proper usage of the tools and libraries, as well as providing guidelines for new PHP projects. In this segment of OWASP 24/7, I talk with Abbas about the PHPSEC project as well as one of his other project, RBAC. About Abbas Naderi Abbas Naderi Afooshteh is a renowned security expert in the middle east, he has ranked first in many national and global CTFs and has been in the field for more than 8 years. He is the current Iran Chapter Leader at OWASP, and has 5 years of activity in OWASP resulting in many projects such as OWASP RBAC Project, OWASP PHP Security Project, OWASP WebGoatPHP Project and etc. He has participated in many other projects such as Cheat Sheets and ESAPI. Abbas has studied software engineering and information technology in his BS and MS and is now going to CMU to study Information Security for MS+PhD. He spends many hours daily leading OWASP projects and mentoring new enthusiastics that join projects, as well as shaping bright ideas into OWASP projects.More can be found at

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