AppSec USA 2013 – Larry Conklin and the Code Review Book Project

"I am a developer and one of the things I hate are code reviews." -- Larry Conklin Larry Conklin is a developer and as a developer, he HATES code reviews. Because of this, he now heads the OWASP "Code Review Book" project which is creating a definitive guideline that allows companies to proceed with code reviews based upon technical facts, not emotions or intuition. I spoke with Larry at AppSec USA 2014. Dennis Groves was also there, so you'll hear him interject with a question in the middle of the program. About Larry Conklin Larry Conklin's current emphasis is in Microsoft .NET technologies including C#, VB.NET, and SQL Server. Recent project experiences include converting legacy VB software to .NET, creating and maintaining operational support web sites to help QuikTrip manage it’s 600+ stores

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