Eoin Keary on Women in Security and Growing an OWASP Chapter

Eoin (pronounced Owen for you Yankees) Keary runs a software security practice in Ireland. In his "spare time", he is a global board member for OWASP. At the AppSec Europe 2014 Conference in Cambridge, UK, I spoke with Eoin about how to get more women into the software security industry, starting with their participation in OWASP. About Eoin Keary Eoin Keary has been with OWASP since 2004. He is based in Ireland and runs a software security practice, bccriskadvisory.com. He is currently on the global board of the OWASP foundation, he was elected to the board in 2009. During this time Eoin assisted in founding the OWASP legal entity in Europe and has helped provide structure to OWASPs finances and strategy. Eoin previously lead the OWASP Testing Guide and currently the OWASP Code Review Guide and also contributed to other OWASP projects such as OWASP SAMM, OWASP CISO Guide & CISO Survey, OWASP Cheat sheets, and the OWASP ASVS & ZAP as a reviewer. Eoin also founded the OWASP Dublin chapter in 2006 and the OWASP Ireland event in 2008 which is in its 4th year and also hosted OWASP EU in 2011.

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