Melissa Elliot on the HeartBleed Bug at Yahoo

The HeartBleed bug is running rampant on many major sites such as Chase and Yahoo while people are scrambling madly to find solutions. At the SOURCE Boston Conference this morning, I caught up with Melissa Elliot from VeraCode as she was examining the impact of the HeartBleed on Yahoo, using software from Jared Staffer of I asked her to describe what she was seeing. Have a listen... About Melissa Elliot I am 0xabad1dea (the zero-x is silent), a professional application security researcher also known as Melissa Elliott. If my name breaks your website we have a personal problem. My long-term goal is to convince programmers that the security of everything from the global economy all the way up to online Pokémon battles is in their hands and they need to take that responsibility seriously. My primary means of interacting with the community is through my extremely active Twitter account.

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