The OWASP Cornucopia Project with Colin Watson

For his most recent project at OWASP, Colin Watson has taken the concept of Microsoft's 'Elevation of Privilege' card game and transformed it as a process for identifying security requirements for web applications. In this segment of OWASP 24/7, I speak with Colin about the origin of the project, a typical use case for the game and what the next version of the deck will look like. Resources for this broadcast OWASP Cornucopia Project Pagel Microsoft Elevation of Privilege Card Game About Colin Watson Colin Watson is an application security consultant based in London. He is project leader for the OWASP Codes of Conduct and OWASP Cornucopia projects, wrote the Application Logging Cheat sheet, contributes to a number of other OWASP projects including AppSensor and Open SAMM, and was a member of the former OWASP Global Industry Committee.

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