The Run Up to a Massive Cyber Security Month with Tom Brennan

In anticipation of Security Awareness Month in October, Tom Brennan is planning an event featuring a cross section of various cyber groups in New York and New Jersey. A few weeks ago, I attended a Meet Up in New York City where many of the local groups got together to talk about what they are working on and how that plays into the October event. The Meet Up was VERY loud, so the sound quality leaves a bit to be desired, but the passion and enthusiasm still comes through. The first segment of the show is an introduction with Tom Brennan as he talks about the cross-group event he put together in March and his plans for creating a large, cross-cyber group event for Security Awareness Month in October. I then spoke with Ian Amit, one of the OWASP chapter leaders for New York. He describes what he is working on for the OWASP chapter in New York. Izabela Pelszynska joins us to speak about the Women in Security group, and we end with a round table discussion of the upcoming event in October.

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