Tom Brennan – What to expect at AppSecUSA 2013

In this segment, I talk with Tom Brennan, the organizer of AppSecUSA 2013 in New York City. The conversation centers around what's going on in New York, why Tom took on the project and what makes AppSec conferences special. About Tom Brannen Tom Brennan is volunteer to the OWASP Foundation since 2004 when he founded the New Jersey Chapter after serving on the Board of Directors for the FBI Infragard program in New Jersey. The NJ OWASP Chapter later merged with the New York City Chapter in 2006. Tom was appointed to the Global Board of Directors in 2007 by his peers and was re-elected by the membership in 2012 for another two year term. During his leadership of OWASP Foundation he has led many global and local initiatives for OWASP including governance, fund raising via conferences and membership and business marketing.

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