Wolfgang Goerlich on a Real World Example of The Phoenix Project in Action

At 2014 SOURCE Boston, Josh Corman told me that Wolfgang Goerlich had an interesting DevOps story to tell. I sat down and spoke with Wolfgang and was astounded to hear a tale that could have come straight out of Gene Kim's book, The Phoenix Project. Listen in as Wolfgang describes the process of taking over a project that was mired in technical debt, falling behind in deliverables to stakeholders and in need of a new way of thinking. To me, this story is one of the strongest statements for DevOps that I've heard. About Wolfgang Goerlich As Vice President of Consulting Services at VioPoint, Wolfgang supports clients by advising, identifying, and assisting in managing information security risk as well as mentoring VioPoint’s consulting team. Wolfgang, known for his outstanding leadership in the technology and information security community, is the co-founder of OWASP Detroit and an organizer of the annual BSides Detroit conferences as well as an accomplished speaker at regional and national security events.

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